Hello! I just wanted to write to you and let you know how much i enjoyed your restaurant. What an amazing place to eat! I am currently on a dairy and gluten free diet and often times, find it really hard to find something i can eat when i want to eat out. The food is to die for and you have so many gluten AND dairy free options. The staff is very knowledgeable on the items on the menu and ingredients that are in the foods. Friendly Staff and delicious food. I will be back for sure! Thank you again for a wonderful experience.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for providing me with the peace of mind knowing my daughters nut allergy would be well taken care of while preparing her food. We saw the chef wiping down the area where he was preparing the food (and my daughters loved peeking in to see). The food was fresh and delicious and everyone was so nice!

Best Gluten Free pizza EVER! I’ve tried many different places and they all tasted like cardboard and were pre made frozen crusts. This crust was fresh and had an awesome crust. We’ll definitely be back!!